Myrtle candle

Myrtle candle


Herb + citrus essential oils, coconut wax, rapeseed wax. 

An aromatic blend of may chang (lemongrass's sweeter sister) lemon and orange essential oils on a 100% natural base of coconut and rapeseed wax, Myrtle transports you straight to a far-flung beachy paradise, infusing your space with a glorious fragrance created to uplift, energise and refresh. 


40 hour burn time

Vegan and cruelty-free

Petroleum, paraben and phthalate-free

Natural cotton wick


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How to use

Our candles are each individually poured, created with coconut and rapeseed wax infused with naturally fragrant botanical essential oils. 

Each candle has a memory so it's really important to burn it correctly each time. This will extend its lifetime and provide the best possible fragrance experience. Keep the wick trimmed to 4mm before relighting to prevent sooting and ensure an even burn and wax melt. 

To create a good memory pattern for subsequent burns, try to burn for at least 2 hours and not more than 4 hours at a time.

REFILLS: Insert your Sister & Co. refill into your existing Sister & Co. candle jar and use as above. DO NOT insert your refill into any other type of glassware and do not light the refill standing alone (ie. not inserted into candle glass). 

Note that the coconut and rapeseed wax that we use is not always smooth in its finish and can be uneven around the edges. This is a function of the wax being natural. Once the refill is placed in the jar and the candle lit, any imperfections will disappear.

How to recycle

Order a Sister & Co. refill and re-use your glassware again and again! Alternatively our candle jars make great make-up brush holders, pen holders, hair clip pots and much more. When you'd like to recycle your candle jar, remove the label, clean the jar and pop the jar in your household recycling.


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