In today's world things seem to be moving ever faster.  It can feel harder to disconnect, switch off and appreciate the moment.  

Sister & Co. gives you more of these moments.

Lighting a candle, an evening bath, even quicker moments in the shower or those seconds washing your hands... these are little, everyday opportunities to take a step back and focus on the here and now. Our products, with delicious scents, luxurious textures and a range of aromatherapeutic benefits, elevate these moments. 

And you can enjoy them even more because they don't cost the Earth. We use sustainably-sourced natural ingredients (essential oils from herbs and flowers, nut butters and plant waxes) which intensively nourish skin but are also certified organic and cruelty-free. We're able to price our products realistically because we've ditched third-party retailer mark-ups and sell them directly to you - we think that organic bath and body products have become unnecessarily expensive and shouldn't be saved just for special occasions. 

Sister & Co. slots seamlessly into your day to day, so you can step out of the everyday, every day.  

Sophie Thompson -- Sister & Co. Founder 

About Us
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Cruelty free

Meet our small but mighty skincare collection, Tandem Skincare. Both Sister & Co. and Tandem are built on the same values, using the best available natural ingredients to create products that don't cost the Earth. Sister & Co. is about little luxuries; Tandem has your skincare routine covered with a collection of clean, high-performance skincare products that simplify your skin routine while being accessibly priced and kinder to the planet with zero compromise on results.


and Sister & Co. are proud supporters of Solace Women's Aid.

Solace is a London-based charity that provides immediate refuge, advice and support for women and children escaping domestic violence. We run various campaigns throughout the year in support of Solace including our Sister for Sister Illustrators Campaign on Instagram.